Email Marketing

Need to send marketing emails or newsletters? No problem. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 subscribers, our infrastructure allows you to send bulk emails with ease .

Clean interface allows you to send beautiful and creative emails without any hassle. Compose email, select the mailing list from drop-down and click send. That's it!

Add mailing list; and subscribers to the mailing list. You can view and delete subscribers in one single screen.


Drag Drop Email Design
Design attractive emails using our online drag –drop email builder.

Track Email Opens
Track when the recipient opens your email.

Geo Tracking
Track the location where the email was opened.

Track Links Clicked
Track whether the links inside the email was clicked or not.

Subscribers List
Easily add and delete subscribers from the mailing list.

Manage unsubscribe list to improve the email open rate.
All Our Modules Are Compatible With Each Other

All our modules have been designed in such a way that they can fully integrate with each other. So, if you start using one of our services and at a later date decide to add another one, then it can be integrated seamlessly to your existing module.