Companies large, medium or small use TowerBee's HR Software Solutions to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of an employee. Fully pre-integrated modules such as Employee Data, Payroll, Leave, Attendance and Claims etc. ensure that your data is always accurate and automatically kept in sync with no effort. With easy to use graphical reports from our HRMS Solution at your fingertips, taking decisions is now a click away! Improve efficiency with TowerBee's All-in-One Human Resource Management System Software.

HR Module

  • Better employee engagement.
  • Improved employee productivity.
  • Streamline HR workflows

Team Calendar

  • Integrate with related applications.
  • Enhanced data storage and security.
  • Empower employees through self-service functions.

Instant Search

  • Fully Supported HRIS Software.
  • 20+ HRIS System Modules To Choose From.
  • Pay Only For The Services Of Your Choice

Team Calendar

  • State-Of-The-Art Human Resource Software.
  • Instant Activation.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Employee Data

Simplify your employee related data with dynamic view of employee profiles.

Upload Files

All HR related data can be added to the profiles. You can even upload any number of files for each employee

Instant Search

Search and view employee data. You can search by designation, name, department, employee code etc.

Timeline View

Timeline to view employee career progress in one single page.

Highly customizable

HR module can be customized to create new fields as per your requirement.

Team Calendar

Team Calendar allows you to easily schedule, display and edit appointments.

Team Calendar

HR Module

  • Day, Week, Work Week, Month, Agenda and Timeline views
  • Multiple Resources and Resource Grouping.
  • Templates for Appointments

HR Module

  • Time Zone Support.
  • Rich API for maximum flexibility.
  • Export to PDF.

  • Accessibility, keyboard navigation and RTL Support
  • Rich cross-browser and mobile support.
  • Responsive HTML 5 Rendering
  • Files: Upload files and share with other users

Text & Audio Chat

HR Module is integrated with companywide Text & Audio Chat


Avatar Integration

  • Your users can now stylize their online avatar.


Your users can now emote with the wide range of smileys. With so many smileys, there is a right one for every mood.


Now your users don't stand a chance of missing any notifications. TowerBee chat alerts users about notifications swiftly.

Last Seen

Users can keep track of when their friends were last active on a chat window, down to the minute with the Last Seen feature.

Ban Users

You can now ban or unban members at your own discretion

Delete Conversations

Now a single click by your users will let them delete their own lines of conversations from all the chatrooms.

Load Earlier Messages

Never miss out on any long conversations. Users can view all older messages in by simply clicking on the "Load Earlier Messages" bar.


Your users can inform their friends or other users more than just their online availability by setting their status message.

Unlimited chat conversations

CometChat will automatically show scroll buttons if you have more chat conversations than that can be accommodated by the browser window. So your users can chat with one, five or even twenty users simultaneously.

Instant notifications

User online/offline: CometChat will notify your users when their friends (or other online users) are online and available to chat.

Hide bar feature

Allow your users to simply click on a button to hide the CometChat bar when not in use.

Automatic Login

Users are logged into Chat the instant they login to Towerbee. No separate confusing logins.

Audio Chat

Chat History

Users can view chronological logs of their chat history with other users

Send a file

Allow your users to send files to each other using the file transfer facility. It's simple, easy and quick.

Avatar Integration

Handwrite a message

Why let your users type boring text messages when they can use their mouse as a paintbrush? Users can draw their thoughts using this plugin.

Chat Time

Display time of arrival of messages in the user's local time without any special configuration.


The easiest way for users to share their screen. Need to show a presentation or a demo? Easily share your screen or a particular window with another user.

File Manager

HR Module comes integrated with File Manager. It has an array of features that can help you to manage your files, such as uploading, creating, removing, editing, copying, moving your files.

  • Standard methods of file/group selection using mouse or keyboard
  • Move/Copy files with Drag & Drop.
  • Archives create/extract (zip, rar, 7z,)
  • Preview for common file types.
  • Calculate directory sizes.
  • Thumbnails for image files

Document Manager

Powerful document manager to keep track of all your files and folders.

Dynamic View

  • Change the display from folder view to details view as per your preference.


  • Open excel files directly from the file manager. No need of any external software.
  • Create powerful spreadsheets and share it with your colleges and customers.

All our modules are compatible with each other

All our modules have been designed in such a way that they can fully integrate with each other. So, if you start using one of our services and at a later date decide to add another one, then it can be integrated seamlessly to your existing module.